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Enjoy a Wrinkle-Free Face with Cosmetic Botox in Columbus, GA

botox before and after

A minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure, Botox involves the injection of botulinum toxin (an FDA-approved purified protein used to treat muscle spasms) into the muscles of your face.

This treatment is mostly administered to improve your appearance by giving you a Wrinkle-Free, younger look with little to no side effects.

How Does Cosmetic Botox Work?

For any muscle in your body to move, it has to receive a signal known as a neurotransmitter from a specific nerve. Being a neurotoxin, Botox works by blocking the neurotransmitters in the muscles it’s injected into. By restricting movement in specific muscles, your face appears fuller.

However, this effect isn’t permanent. Depending on the individual, the effects of a single treatment can last between three to six months. This means that for a sustainable wrinkle-free appearance, you’ll need repeated Botox treatments.

What Can Cosmetic Botox Correct?

Reducing or removing wrinkles and expression lines is perhaps the most common reason many people get a Botox injection. However, Botox can fix a long list of issues including:

  • Lipstick lines or smoker’s lines: Botox can flatten out the vertical lines around your lips.
  • Dimpling chin: Botox can make your chin look relaxed and wrinkle-free.
  • Eyebrow lift: If you have flat eyebrows, Botox can give them an edgy, arch look.
  • Facial Wrinkles:
  • Fore head Wrinkles:
  • Crow's Feet:
  • Lip Lifting:

Ensure you consult your physician before going for any Botox treatment.

What to Expect From a Cosmetic Botox Procedure?

The procedure is relatively pain-free. That said, if you have a fear of needles, feel free to let our specialist know. They’ll find the best possible way to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during the treatment.

After a Botox treatment, you’ll notice improvements immediately. Expect to see further improvements for up to two weeks.

Get Professional Cosmetic Botox Treatment in Columbus, GA

When you finally decide to dip your toes into the Botox waters, you’ll want the procedure performed by nothing short of a specialist. This is because there’s no quick fix for bad Botox.

Ageless Medical Aesthetics at West Georgia Generative Medicine uses cutting-edge technology and years of experience to provide world-class Botox treatments and other forms of regenerative medicine. Our team of specialists is trained and certified to administer safe and comfortable Botox in Columbus, GA. We’ll walk you through the entire process and give you the best care possible to ensure you end up with results you can be proud of.

To get started, visit our office in Columbus, GA or call us at (706) 507-3800 to book an appointment.