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Do You Need Shoulder Pain Treatment? Why Try Regenerative Medicine

Written By West Georgia Medicine on June 21, 2019

Woman Receiving Therapy for Shoulder PainWhen you think of the worst type of pain you can experience, shoulder pain isn’t typically the first thing that comes into your mind.

Yet, this type of pain can be excruciating and can limit your ability to function normally. To add insult to injury, shoulder pain can contribute to other types of chronic conditions, like headaches and tingling or numbness in the arms and hands.

If you’re suffering with this type of pain, you need a safe, effective shoulder pain treatment in Columbus, Georgia. Regenerative medicine fits the bill!

Shoulder Pain Treatment: Why the Orthobiologics (containing Stem Cells), PRP, and Physical Therapy Combo Works

Regenerative medicine includes:

  • Orthobiologics (containing Stem Cells)
  • PRP, or platelet-rich plasma
  • Physical therapy.

In many cases, all three treatments will be implemented. Alone, they’re incredibly effective. Together, they’re a powerful shoulder pain treatment.

Stem cells can regenerate damaged tissue cells in your shoulder. PRP also helps to repair and regenerate damaged tissue.

Physical therapy is utilized in conjunction with the other two forms of treatment to help retrain the muscles. You’ll learn how to properly stretch the muscles to gain more flexibility, which will lead to better range of motion and less pain.

Regenerative Medicine in Columbus, Georgia – a Less Invasive Approach to Pain Treatment

One of the reasons regenerative medicine is such a popular shoulder pain treatment option is because it’s minimally invasive.

The stem cells and PRP cells are injected into your shoulder. Your treatment is over in a manner of minutes. Your other option – surgery – could take hours to complete and puts the body under an enormous amount of stress.

In some cases, surgery might be necessary. However, it doesn’t have to be your first choice. Instead, consider a non-invasive option that is proving to be effective time and again.

Are you tired of dealing with chronic shoulder pain? We can help! Call us at (706) 507-3800 to schedule an appointment. We’ll find the best treatment to fit your unique needs.

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