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Epionce Chemical Peels

Written By West Georgia Medicine on February 24, 2022

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Patients ask us all the time how they can improve their skin and achieve that rejuvenated look. As a regenerative therapy practice, the team of Ageless Medical Aesthetics at West Georgia Medicine treats many skin conditions. We carry several different lines of chemical peels to meet the needs of all different skin types, Epionce being one of them. We love recommending Epionce chemical peels when it comes to making your face look younger and your skin stronger than ever.

What Are Epionce Chemical Peels?

Epionce chemical peels are facial treatments to improve the appearance and texture of your skin. After much investigation and study, we found they achieve better results than other professional peels.

When patients hear the word “chemical,” they may be concerned, but the only chemicals in an Epionce chemical peel are natural and only work to improve your skin. They also address other skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, and skin aging. This innovative treatment is able to encourage cell turnover, which clears your pores and adds hydration to your face. Over time, this helps you look and feel younger, completely rejuvenating your face.

Epionce chemical peels, as well as others, can help reverse much of the damage caused by the sun and UV tanning booths.

About Ageless Medical Aesthetics at West Georgia Medicine

West Georgia Medicine is a premier medical and physical therapy practice in Columbus, GA. In addition, we have a variety of regenerative therapies, such as PRP and tissue allografts. Our regenerative division will try to help you avoid surgery. Our team works with patients that have a variety of conditions that you’d expect at a physical therapy practice.

We also offer Ageless Medical Aesthetics at West Georgia Medicine, using cutting-edge technology and years of experience to provide world-class, personalized aesthetics. Our practitioners have decades of medical aesthetic experience and are dedicated to your safety and to achieve your aesthetic goals. Our treatments will help you look and feel younger while promoting healthy skin for the long-term.

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