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Orthobiologics in Columbus, GA

Orthobiologics With Stem Cells

Are you in a lot of pain? Have you been told that the issues in your knee or shoulder are never going to get better and you are stuck with this pain for life or will have to undergo risky and expensive surgery? Are you taking medication for pain and joint issues and want to decrease or stop your medication intake?

If this sounds like your situation, then our highly innovative regenerative medicine Orthobiologics may help you!

Orthobiologics may help alleviate your symptoms due to degenerated tissues potentially giving better motion in the affected area, help improve strength, reduce pain and inflammation. Our goal is to give patients who suffer from pain and mobility issues new possibilities for pain relief and a new lease on life!

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What is Orthobiologics (containing Stem Cells) and How Does it Work?

Stem cells are a bit different than other cells in the body. They have the remarkable ability to transform and regenerate cells that are dying or damaged. Through the process of cell division stem cells can also replicate the healthy working cells reducing further damage to the affected area. When stem cells are needed in the body, the damaged cell sends out a distress signal causing the stem cell to respond, act and begin repairing the damaged area. This simply means the powerful stem cells naturally found throughout your body have the ability to repair the areas that have been damaged due to injury, disease or aging.

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Why do I need Orthobiologics (containing Stem Cells) if I already have stem cells in my body?

Here’s why! As we age the stem cells we have stored to help heal the body reduce significantly and become less effective overtime decreasing the bodies naturally ability to heal. The stem cells received from therapy are some of the youngest stem cells, directly derived from the umbilical cord and the placenta making their cell life much longer.

Umbilical cord stems cells are especially effective due to containing Wharton’s Jelly, which the umbilical cord is lined with. This jelly-like substance is composed of 80% mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) which are considered undifferentiated, or cells that have not yet been given a specialized function, which give them an unparalleled ability to replicate many tissues in the body.

The stem cells that we use in our office are not blood derived umbilical cord stem cells, which means HLA or phenotypic matching are not needed, making this treatment extremely safe with minimal side effects and no risk of rejection. The type of stems cells we use are specifically from the umbilical cord. Embryonic or fetal stem cells are not used in this procedure.

We utilize stem cell products from Predictive Biotech labs. A leader in the stem cell and regenerative medicine community. This allows us to give our patients a pure unadulterated product. It is illegal to manipulate the stem cells once harvested. We do not add anything to the procedures outside of platelet rich plasma (PRP) which acts as a natural growth factor or “booster” which is extracted from the patient’s own blood.

What to Expect

If you are approved as a candidate for this pain treatment therapy, we may be able to begin treatment immediately. If you are on any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) you will need to stop taking them for 2 weeks before your procedure, this will allow the cells to function properly. The procedure itself will last approximately 1 hour. Follow up appointments will be scheduled for you to receive booster Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to aid in the Orthobiologics Treatment and to monitor your results.

As with any treatment, not everyone will respond the same. There are few to no side effects. There have been no long-term side effects reported.

Currently insurance does not cover this procedure. You will have an opportunity to apply for special financing if needed, which can also be discussed in greater detail during your consultation.

We know this can be a stressful situation and understand how important it is to have support system in place, we encourage you to bring someone with you during this process for support!

Is This a Cure?

No, unfortunately this is not a cure for your disease. This is not a promise we or any other doctor can make. No guarantee can be made with this treatment as each body is unique and each may respond differently. However, many patients who have reported results have seen changes within a week but have taken up to 8 months to see the full effect. The goal of this treatment is for each of our patents to see significant improvements with pain, function and quality of life.

Contact Information

If you are having problems with joint pain, you may be a candidate for this treatment. This is an opportunity to possibly change your quality of life! Please contact West Georgia Medicine today at 706-507-3800 and schedule a consultation. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.