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Amniotic Injections for Joint Pain Now Covered by Medicare

Written By West Georgia Medicine on October 29, 2020

centrafugeAmniotic injections offer an innovative solution for joint pain related to arthritis, traumatic injury, or the general wear and tear that comes with aging.

Amnio Technology, a leading manufacturer of innovative regenerative grafts made from amniotic tissue, has announced that two of its cutting-edge products are now eligible for Medicare reimbursement.

The PalinGen® and ProMatrX® product lines have received "Q codes” from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. CMS is the United States Department of Health and Human Services' federal agency responsible for determining which treatments will be reimbursed by Medicare.

If you are among the more than 14.6 Americans with joint pain, you may now be able to claim reimbursement for procedures using Amnio’s Medicare-covered products.

Understanding the Link Between Cartilage and Joint Pain

Cartilage is a flexible yet tough connective tissue that cushions joints, including knees, ankles, and shoulders. When cartilage is damaged, you may experience inflammation, pain, stiffness, and limited joint mobility. Cartilage becomes damaged for many reasons, from inflammatory diseases like arthritis to overuse of the joint. Runners might experience worn down cartilage in their knees, for example.

How Amnio’s Medicare-covered Products Improve Joint Pain

Stem cells are a unique type of cell in the body that can regenerate damaged or dying cells. As you age, your body's stem cell reserves are depleted, and the body's ability to regenerate and heal damaged tissues decreases. This is why you may find that it takes longer to recover from injuries as you get older.

It's also part of the reason that cartilage wears away and can't be replaced — at least not naturally. Solutions like Amnio’s Medicare-covered products contain stem cells that can be transplanted into the body, where they repair damaged tissues.

This small-scale tissue transplant can reduce joint pain and improve mobility. Many patients opt for this procedure because it allows them to avoid surgery and decreases their reliance on pain medications.

State-of-the-Art Joint Pain Treatment in Columbus, Georgia

West Georgia Regenerative Medicine offers joint pain treatment using cutting-edge stem cell technology. Our Medical Providers provide physical therapy and regenerative medicine (including amnio transplants), providing comprehensive joint pain treatment backed by the latest technologies.

Could stem cell therapy improve your joint pain? Call our Columbus office at (706) 507-3800 to schedule an appointment and find out.

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